Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting real and raw...

OK, I am going to start off saying this post is not like my normal post. Most of you know me as being Cheery but it has been brought to my attention that some might not understand the real life of me. You only see what I post on this blog and I felt like I needed to get this off my chest.
Not because what somebody said hurt my feelings but to let you all know out there my opinion on relationships. You might not agree and that's OK but from life experiences this is what I have learned...

Let's start with my one of my favorite quotes it is from the Great Gatsby "Whenever you feel like criticizing any one...just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had." ... remember this people when your about to say something to someone you do not know. Also, don't assume they have had less advantages then you. One thing I can not stand is when people feel the need to educate you on life because of your age. I may be young but this does not mean I have not experienced life. I have seen 18 year olds deal with more in that small of time period then 80 year olds. Yes, older people have seen more and experienced the everyday things that happens as you get older but I am not naive just because I am 23.

Me and guitar hero are not perfect we do have our ups and downs like most relationships. Yes, most of our time is spent with him being gone... but NO just because most of our time is spent long distance it does not mean our relationship is doom for failure. Relationships take work. It's that simple. Most people in today's world are not use to working for anything. Life has become more simpler when you want something. You got a flat tire just whip out your cell and call somone else to fix it, you fail a test no worries there is also extra credit to make up for it. So, when we have to work for something we usually just give up. Me and guitar hero know that it will get hard at times and there will be times where it would be easy to say it's over... but neither of us are willing to give up. WE WON"T GIVE UP! Our love is real. I can say this with confidence because I have had other relationships. I was with a guy for 3 years before I was with guitar hero. I thought I was going to marry that guy of the 3 years but now I know the difference between just wanting to be married and between wanting to share you life with somone you really care about.

I also, don't believe most relationships end just because people don't want to put in the work (so, before you think I am judging why couples don't last don't think that) Lots of couples break up for lots of reasons... as they should. I believe that two people need to be going in the same direction in life for it to work. People are always changing and growing and lots of times people just simply grow apart but one day you will get to a point in your life when you know what you want and you will meet that somebody who wants those same things. Me and guitar hero have both found ourselves on that same road wanting the same things. That's another reason why I am sure we will make it.

I do not just sit around waiting for him to get home. I have my life, I do my own things. He does his things, and has his life. Then we make time for each other. Since he is gone a lot it's important that when he is home we make time for each other... which we always do.

We both have been blessed to come from households where our parents are very much in love. My parents where younger then me and guitar hero when they got married and had already had me and my brother by my age and are coming up on their 25th anniversary this year. My dad is still very romantic buying my mother flowers, and leaving her love notes just because he feels like it. They also still go on dates together as they did my whole life growing up. They made time for each other outside work, and their children. Guitar hero's parents only knew each other 3 MONTHS yes I said 3 MONTHS before getting married and they are coming up on 30 years together.

So, it does not matter your age or how long you have been with someone to determine if you are going to make it as a couple. It does not matter if your time is spent apart because one travels a lot for a job. It matters if you are willing to work together in the relationship, if your willing to be equals in the relationship, and if your life is taking you the same direction and not holding someone behind from doing what they are meant to do in life.

I am sorry if I upset anyone by this post. I just needed to express how I felt. I will not judge you for having your own opinion but just want you to know me and where I come from before you judge me and my relationship with guitar hero.

I promise the next post will go back to being cheery and lovey dovey about me and guitar hero.

Book Club: The Time Traveler's Wife.

Today is the day!
Here is the discussion for the book club.
Please feel free to join in on any of the questions and add your opinion.
Warning: spoilers below.
How do you think the time travel affects Henry and Clare in their own ways?

Do you agree with Henry's need to keep the future a secret?

How does Clare cope with the knowledge that at a young age she knows that Henry is the man she will eventually marry?

The book is told from both Henry's and Clare's side. Do you think it helped you understand both sides of how they felt more?

How do you think them trying to have a child affected their relationship?

Did you like the idea that the child had the same ability to time traveler like her father Henry?

How did you feel about the ending of this book?

And if you saw the movie how did you like the book from the movie and movie from the book?

Note: Any of you who would like to add your opinion or ask questions on the book please do so in the comment section. Also, feel free to add your comments and opinions to those who leave their thoughts in the comments section.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Guitar Hero, Remember it's your golden year!

Happy 28th Birthday!

here are just 28 reasons why I love and adore you.

1. I love your kind heart

2. I love that you are a clean freak.

3. I love that you are very patient

4. I love that family comes first in your eyes.

5. I love that your a dreamer and your living your dream.

6. I love that you pray with me and for me all the time.

7. I love that you got me kittens.

8. I love that you never go a day without saying you love me.

9. I love that you give me forehead kisses.

10. I love that you are humble.

11. I love that you are 28 and still NEVER had a drop of alcohol (not even with all the peer pressure there is on the road)

12. I love how you always remember the little things I say.

13. I love your cuddling.

14. I love that you watch old movies, and listen to the oldies with me.

15. I love that you are honest (maybe sometimes to honest but that's OK)

16. I love that you take the time to talk to my mom and dad

17. I love how when I am sick you always take care of me.

18. I love how you NEVER look at other women, it's like you never even notice there in the room.

19. I love that you let me fall asleep with the t.v. on and then you turn it off once I'm dreaming.

20. I love how you light up when watching the big time guitar session players.

21. I love that you let me decorate the house my way.

22. I love that when you want to try something new you always want to include me in it.

23. I love that after all this time you can still make my heart sink.

24. I love how I can still get butterflies in my stomach when I know you getting ready to walk in the door after a long tour.

25. I love that you hold my hand in the car.

26. I love that you noticed what color my eyes were the first few seconds you met me and you can still tell me what color shirt I was wearing and where I was standing and who I was talking to... you really did notice me out of all those girls.

27. I love that we still can't get enough of each other.

28. I love you... just that simple!

Hope your birthday is a wonderful one

and I can't wait to have you home!

Plus, if you didn't notice the kittens are already starting to open your gifts... they are getting tired of waiting... sorry, they are a little less patient with you being gone this long.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can see it all with you...

Dearest Guitar Hero,

I seem to have found my life with you. I can see everything that lays ahead and I am so excited to share it with you.

When I was younger I use to dream about growing up to be an adult, playing house with a husband, and sharing my everyday life with that someone special but now I don't have to dream anymore. I found my future, my life to be.

I see the day when I take your last name, how proud I will be to introduce myself as your wife. I see the day when we have our first argument as husband and wife and learning to take the good with the bad... but no worries our goods ALWAYS override our bads. I see the day we find that dream home we keep talking about the one with your dream studio, and my huge kitchen. I know we will find it. As you always say "we just need to be patient and it will happen'. I see the day when we celebrate our first Christmas there and how fun it will be to decorate our very own Christmas tree. How special it will be to have our two families come together and stay with us as we all sit around the dinning room table laughing about life after eating a meal that I hope I cooked and turned out well (thank goodness you let me practice cooking with you... and you always eat it, even seconds)I can see the day we find out we are having a baby and how excited and nervous we will be. As we pray and hope that we are good parents and don't screw up. I see that day we are driving back from the hospital with me in the back seat and you driving our new baby home. I see the nights we will spend awake trying to calm the baby down and mornings we will both try to sneak in a few extra hours rest. I see the day you will start to teach our child to play guitar and how much joy it will bring you to share your passion with your baby. I can even see me (and our child) still crying and missing you like crazy every time you leave for tour .... I know that will never change no matter how many times you leave it will never be something we get over. I see the day our child learns to drive, has a first date (hopefully if we have a girl it won't be with a musician... because I can't see you taking that too well), graduates from high school then collage and us asking ourselves where time went and how it goes by so fast, at least that's what they say. I see us learning to adjust to having the house to ourselves and learning about each other all over again. I see grand babies, and lots of spoiling... on your end (you think you wont spoil but I know you better then you know yourself sometimes). I see us celebrating our 50's years together and reminiscing about how wonderful our life is and was and how we never went a day without loving each other.

How beautiful our life will be... I can really see it all... all with you.

the women you will grow old with... your princess.

(image found here)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

...and when we're gone there'll be no tears to cry only memories of our lives. They'll remember, remember a love like that.

I love the song like Johnny and June
by Heidi Newfield
sometimes I think that song was written just for guitar hero and me.

Have any of you ever seen Walk the line?
I think Johnny Cash and June made such a beautiful couple.

Plus, you notice in the picture he is giving her a forehead kiss... swoon my favorite!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

He is my saint!

I guess most of you already know that guitar hero is... well... an amazing guitar player!
but that's not all...

He also, is an amazing...

...mandolin player...

... an amazing drummer.... amazing piano/keyboard player...

and if that is isn't enough... he also, is an amazing song writer!

For some of you that are new to the blog guitar hero co-wrote a top country hit song
called... livin' our love song. Go listen to it here if you have not heard it yet.

I know, it may seem like it would be hard to live with someone who is blessed with so many talents... but the truth is he keeps me grounded. It's crazy to think the one person in the world who should have the right to brag and be able to feel like a king is one of the kindest, sweetest, most humble hearts you will ever meet. He makes me want to better myself as a person and to give thanks everyday for the little things in my life. He is my saint and I adore him!

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a love story: about me and guitar hero.

Hey friends, I want you all to check out my lovely blog friend Nicole over at my teacups in peony!

She is doing a wonderful blog feature including love stories about all the amazing bloggers out there. When she asked if I would write one about me and guitar hero you know I jumped on it. Any reason to write about guitar hero is a good reason to do it for me! Thanks Nicole so much for wanting to share our story and others. It means a lot to me and I am having so much reading all the other great love stories out there.

If you all have not checked out Nicole's blog do it now. It's so beautiful and wonderful.
and if you have a love story to share be sure to e-mail it to her.

Edward's Smile

How, wonderful is this necklace? I just love the name of it... Edward's smile.
Did you know that guitar hero's middle name is Edward?! That's right he is my very own Edward Cullen... except he plays guitar instead of the piano... but then again he can play that too.

Found here

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hey, everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far. What do you have planned? Me and the Kitty's are going to be doing some cleaning since they seem to think the litter box is a toy box!

Here, are some videos of guitar hero from this past week. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The little shop around the corner...

Last night, while watching You've got mail, I started daydreaming of what it would be like to own a little shop. To be able to make it whatever I want, To make my own rules, and to be able to decorate my own window displays. How divine it would all be.

I have always thought it would be fun to own my own flower shop but then again a book store would be just as wonderful.... and a children's bookstore even better... image all the fun decorating you could do in a little store like that. Making themed storybook time with books such as green eggs and ham, the polar express, too many pumpkins and many more.

Do any of you ever daydream of owning your own shop? Maybe you already do. What kind of shop would you own?

(image found here)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meet the new members of the family...

We we call them Mr. Fickle (the gray one) and Spaz (the black one)

aren't they cute? I am seriously blessed to have 3 of the cutest boys EVER!

they are a little camera shy...
They also, have an obsession with the keyboard and computer right now.

Guitar hero is packing up to leave for 14 days so we are all a little sad right now
they are both going to miss him so much, I can already tell.
But, at least now we have each other to keep company during the lonely nights.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"It's hard being left behind. (...) It's hard to be the one who stays. "

Hello friends,

Guitar hero is home for a few nights before he leaves again for 11 days. So, I hope you don't mind if I take a few days to spend with him. I promise to come back with a few new pictures and stories of our time spent together. Hope you all have a wonderful few days.

the guitar hero's princess

title quote from the time traveler's wife
image found on le love

Monday, August 17, 2009

but he smiled at me whenever he saw me, and we could build a life on that"

I love Mary's words of love. Not only is it simple and sweet it comes from one of my favorite lines from a movie. It is so true that a smile can do so much. Be sure to check Mary out here and here. She takes some beautiful pictures. Thanks Mary for sending this.

have you ever heard the line from the movie miss pettigrew lives for a day that goes "but he smiled at me whenever he saw me, and we could build a life on that" ?? i have this same thought every single day. my Vince makes me feel this way. we've been together for almost 4 years (married for 3 of those 4) and every day he manages to make me weak in my knees with one simple look. one simple smile. and then there are butterflies and music and fireworks and summer breezes and dancing. he smiles at me, with his big blue eyes, and i know he loves me.

he smiles at me all the time. when I'm trying to be funny. when I'm angry. when I'm sleepy. and its that smile that seems to make my life complete and okay. no matter what I'm going through, that smile reassures me that everything will be alright. that life is good. and love is real. every time he does see me, he smiles at me... and we are building on our life on that.

Stay tuned... I hope to post more through out the week.

(image found on le love)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I am receiving so many beautiful e-mails on love. So, many in fact.. that I think it's best I wait till Monday to post the one I pick... that way guitar hero can help me decide. I wish I could post them all and maybe I will over time but I am receiving more then I had planned on... and thank you for that. You all make me smile with each one I read.

Also, I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. What are your plans? Me and guitar hero are going to see the time travelers wife tomorrow after I pick him up from the airport. I am so excited to have him home for a few days... it's been a good month since we have had a real day off together.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gyspy soul, and love in your own words.

I wait for you at home

as your gypsy soul carries you and your guitar all over this country

it always lonely when you are gone

but I know in my heart it wont be long before your home

no matter how many arena's you play in

no matter how many fans cheer your name

no matter how many spotlights you stand in

your favorite stage to stand on is the one next to me in our home

OK, I know I post a lot about guitar hero and me being in love which most of you seem to enjoy. But I really want to know how you all feel about love in your own words. I will post who's ever touches me the most tomorrow on my blog. E-mail me at for you entries and be sure to link your blog so I can give you credit.

Also, It does not have to be about a boyfriend or husband. Love can be put in so many ways. So have fun with it.

(image found here)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thanks to this little guy... I have found my cheeriness again!

Today, when I was a work we found this little guy (he is a praying mantis)

My boss Megan (check out her blog here... she is new to the blog world and I am so excited to have her on here) decided to name him Fred... after Fred Astaire because he is such an amazing dancer... Obviously!

He is our new pet at work... and I love him very much!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I seem to have misplaced my cheeriness... can anyone help me find it?

OK, today has been one of those days. In fact the past 3 days have been not so good.
I have tried to smile and be happy but I am not having any luck.
Guitar hero came home so that should have been a good enough reason to be happy... but it wasn't.
I don't know if it had to do with me being tired from moving stuff all weekend for knowing that guitar hero came home for 2 nights and left again.

I feel bad for him because I know we don't get that much time together. So, it's very important that the time we do have together is spent well.
It's not his fault I get in these moods.

What do you do that makes you Cheery?
Do you look at a picture? Listen to a song? Call a best friend? Read a favorite quote?

Please share... I would love a little uplift today!

(Image found on a cup of jo)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am voting that Zooey should be on dancing with the stars after seeing this video.

I saw this video here and fell in love with it! how cute was the piano on the nose?!

and the guitar hero is home

Enjoying the little things today.
I am loving the words breath and smile today.
I am blessed to wake up next to the man I love.
Can't stop listening to the song broken by lifehouse.
Happy to have seen my dad this weekend for the first time in months.
Loving cold pizza for breakfast.
hearting every forehead kiss I have gotten in the past 24hrs.
grateful to have such amazing life.
and totally smitten over the title of the picture above (notes of a rock song)

What are you loving today?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Just another reason why I love him.

Guess what I got in the mail?
Well, I guess you can tell by the picture.

Some of you might remember when I blogged about wanting this
after seeing it here.

I hoped I would get one for my birthday...
and I did! It's not my birthday till next month but guitar hero
thought it would be best to let me have it early
since we are planning on taking a vacation.

I can't wait to use it!

Isn't he the greatest guy ever?!

(p.s. please excuse the no make-up and the mess in the background)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today, is going to be a great day!

I am so thankful for the little things today!

I am thankful to make new friends.
I am thankful to go shopping and buy a new dress today
I am thankful that I have family coming in this weekend
I am thankful it's sunny outside
I am thankful to wake up and see a sweet text from guitar hero
I am thankful for the new fall scents that stores are selling
I am thankful to be going to east Nashville for dinner tonight
I am thankful that guitar hero will be returning home to me soon
I am thankful to be reading such a good book
I am thankful for love
I am thankful I have no real worries in my life right now
I am thankful to have such sweet and amazing readers everyday... I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am to see your comments. I love each and every one of you and your blogs too!

What are you thankful for today my friends?

(Image found here)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He said "You belong with me"

I said "I don't feel good without you here all a sudden, it doesn't feel like home. my life has become foreign and i feel like i belong no where."

He said "you belong with me."

that's all i needed to hear and i was home again.

our time is always short... I can't help but feel we have been cheated. How can two people love each other so much and not have a life that allows them to be together?

but my heart still beats for yours, my breath still breaths for you, my hands still always reach for yours, my eyes still only look for you.

I am still here, I'm still waiting right where you left me. I will still be here when you return. I will always be here because we belong together. You belong with me and I belong with you.

Things that I hope will never change.

I hope you go to bed and wake up always wanting to talk to me.

I hope I continue to always get butterflies in my stomach when you return home to me.

I hope you still like giving me forehead kisses when you want to show you care.

I hope that you still try to hold me when I am mad and pull away (eventually, I always hold back)

I hope my heart always sinks when you kiss me.

I hope you never stop lighting up when you talk about me and I never stop smiling when I think of you.

I hope we never get tired of texting each other all the time and asking how each day is going.

I hope we both continue going out with each other for the small things. Like grocery shopping, or getting the oil changed in the cars.

I hope we both always feel like there is a piece of us missing when we apart.

I also, hope fall gets here faster.
You being away on tour all summer is very sad.
but I am still waiting, missing, and hoping for when you come home to me.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ahh I Can't Wait!

I seriously don't think I have been this excited to see a movie in a long time. It looks so amazing and yet sadly kind of reminds me of my own life. It's hard thinking the man I love spends more time being gone then with me. This preview really hit a soft spot tonight. I miss guitar hero so much and I'm eagerly awaiting his return. I think I will read a few more chapters of this book tonight.

Also, does anyone know the song in the preview of this movie?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I miss you.

"It’s dark now and I am very tired. I love you, always. Time is nothing."

Quote from the time traveler's wife
Photo from here

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Poladroids from last weekend, and this month's choice for the book club.

These are some pictures taken last weekend in Franklin.
I love Franklin, me and guitar hero have been talking about moving over that way...
if only the houses were a little cheaper.

I am really excited about this month's choice. It was pretty much everyone's pick...
The Time's Travelers wife!
I will be posting about the book on Monday Aug 31. to go over
what all of you thought about the book.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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