Monday, April 5, 2010

I once auditioned to be a playboy model and a disney princess, all within the same year...

When I wear my bangs, people always tell me how much I look like Zooey Deschanel (even though I had bangs way before she was famous). My favorite part of my body is my curves. I would not change them for the world and I would like to thank my grandma for those. I have never had braces, but only have one crooked tooth and me and my dad like to refer to it as my signature smile. When I have a tan, people often think I am foreign. I have been asked if I was French, Italian, and Mexican but when I stay away from the sun (which I have been trying to do lately) my skin gets as pale as snow white which comes from my mother's side. I once had the option to move to NYC or Nashville and even though NYC would have not cost me a dime for 6 months and I would have had a job from the day I got there, I still chose Nashville. The song "beauty school dropout" (from grease) totally applies to me and yet I am reconsidering going back to hair school. I pretend I am a lot stronger then I actually lead on (mostly, when guitar hero is away). There is so much black in my closest you would think I was trying to be the next Johnny Cash. I once told guitar hero, I never wanted to get married or date again but he still NEVER gave up on me, no matter how much I pushed him away (thank you, guitar hero and mom for talking him into staying around just a little bit longer).

My life has been has been a blessed one and most of the time I have made it what I wanted to be. I would not change my past, and I look forward to how my future will be, but for now this is me and all the things I have become. These are things that have shaped me into who I am now. It still might only be a tiny glimpse into what my life is and was but it is still a glimpse.

(old picture of me... from about 2 years ago)

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