Monday, September 13, 2010

Because sometimes things sound better {cuter} in third person...

1. They both have their own toothpaste
2. He stays up all night practicing music
3. She always falls asleep to his practicing
4. He still checks on her thru out the night to steal kisses while she sleeps
5. She begged him for their cats
6. He secretly loves the cats (maybe even more)
7. They have the name picked out for the boy, if they ever decided to have children
8. They have never talked of a girls name
9. He always drives
10. She always complains at his driving
11. They share many inside jokes
12. She likes eat to all day long
13. He forgets to eat and then sits down for one big meal
14. She sleeps on the couch while he is away
15. He writes sweet text while she sleeps, while he is away, for her to wake up to
16. She still leaves him hidden notes when he leaves for long periods of times
17. He saves all her notes
18. They have many movies nights on the couch
19. She can never stay awake thru the movie nights
20. He always lets her fall asleep on their movies nights, then takes her to bed
21. She loves to watch him play
22. He is always watching her while he plays
23. They share long conversations about the future
24. They said "I love you" before they were dating
25. They still say "I love you" to each other ALL day long
26. They are best friends

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