Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's 10'

How was everyone's Valentine's?
Mine was ok,.. I spent in bed eating junk food and watching romantic movies.
(Guitar Hero is on the road)

But before he left we got some time together just cuddling and kissing.
I also, made him a book about our year
(yes, our year begins in feb lol... we started dating in feb thats why)

and above are just a few of the pages that are in it.
I had a lot of guessing games for him
such as the first gift I ever bought him?
What was the first movie we ever watched together.. things like that.
It also, had little notes stuffed in that he has written me,
directions to shows I went to met him at,
and other special things.

It turned out to be a very lovely gift for us both to keep forever.

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