Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Typical Day.

Most mornings, I am up by 7 a.m. I have ALWAYS been an early bird.
I usually wake up, feed the kittens, open the window so they can look out (if not they would tear our curtains down) followed by heading to the leaving room, getting a drink, turning on t.v. (usually to nothing... just like to have sound) finally just to sit down and catch up on blogs and write mine for the day.

Also, in that time I look at ideas for decorating (pictures of the house to come later day...finally) and I am try to catch up on my writing for my children's books... something I hope to get done soon. Then I will do a little cleaning (which I secretly love. never thought I would be that girl, but I am.)

Then, around 11:00 I make guitar hero his coffee and some breakfast (yesterday, I cooked him eggs for the first time... I don't like them, that's why) and then I turn on the bedroom t.v. to the news.. mostly so that he will wake up in a good mood for the day. The, somewhere within that hour he finally gets up and works on music until lunch then back to music. I usually am back on reading blogs, or finishing up other cleaning chores (p.s. before I sound to much like a housewife/maid.. guitar hero is great help around the house but I let him do the guy things like bills, yard work, and etc,) if I am not doing those things I am at work, or shopping (a bad addiction I have... hence why I want to stop wanting so much and be better with my money, I mean I bought 3 purple skirts in 2 months. Who, in their right mind needs 3 purple skirts!!!)

By, evening time I am most likely tired out of my mind and he is just getting started. If he, doesn't have a gig for the night then I am usually in bed by 9:00 watching George Lopez followed by The Nanny. Somewhere within' those shows I am out cold. Guitar Hero usually uses that time to learn new songs, clean up his work space, or write more charts... which last till about 2:30, 3:00 every morning. I don't mind though... I love waking up around 2 and here him playing (it beats waking up at 2 in the morning and knowing I am by myself because he is on tour. Anyways, that is our typical day. Don't get me wrong we are not always boring. But in the winter time to do like to stay in more.

What is a typical day for y'all?

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