Monday, January 25, 2010

Playing tour guide.

This past weekend I got a surprise e-mail
that a friend from back home wanted to come see Nashville...
and about 8 hrs later he was here.

It was exciting to get to play host in my favorite city...

and I am pretty sure Chris will be back because of how much of
an amazing host I am.. and how awesome Nashville is of course.

There is no coming to Nashville with out Honky Tonkin' down on Broadway
we hit up all my favorite bars
Second Fiddle, Stage, Crossroads, Legends, Paradise Park (where my old roomy plays) and the famous Tootsies (pictured below)

We walked the people bridge (this was actually a first for me)
and got pictures with the famous "BATMAN" building.

* those first little row of cute buildings
in the front of the picture is where my first apartment was in this city.

Chris even got to shake hands with Elvis

meet the one and only Wildhorse Saloon Horse
(which we think he broke ... shh don't tell anyone)

and if that wasn't enough he even rocked a model shoot
in front of the Parathion
(doesn't he carry my purse off so well?!)

(I think Chris missed his calling in life)

Over all it was a fun weekend.
And I really enjoyed playing host.

*Now excepting applications for people who need tour guides in Nashville*

O, yeah and doesn't Guitar Hero make as a sexy tour guide?!
.. I think so.

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