Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meet me at the Loveless cafe.

Over the weekend, my mom and some of her girlfriends came to visit me. Most of the ladies had never been to Nashville so what better way to introduce them, then taking them to a local and tourist favorite.. the loveless cafe, because if you know guitar her and I you know its one of our favorites. If you are ever in Nashville this is a must stop, their biscuits are out of this world!

I just want to thank you ladies for coming out and hanging with me. It is always a treat when my mom comes. Not only does she spoil me and makes sure that Im feed really good during her visits but her presences is always the best. My parents and I are very close and I dream of the day they come move to Nashville, but for now I will take there often visits. I must say that is the highlight living in a tourist town more people rather come visit you then the other way around.

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