Wednesday, February 16, 2011


There is just something about Franklin that has captured my heart. It must be the old charm, the unique character, and the one of a kind places that it has to offer. Every time me and Guitar Hero head over that way, I confess to him how much I love it there and dream of living on that side of town. Thankfully, he agrees that it would be amazing area to live but unfortunately it cost and arm and a leg just thinking of the idea of moving to Franklin. Somehow though I will live on that side of town with my sweet Guitar Hero and we will live our happily ever after spending time in charming little places like the one pictured here.

This is Saffire, it is a divine little restaurant with Johnny Cash paintings, pretty architecture, mixed match chairs, old wooden tables and a menu to drool over! I am serious, the food was so good that I forgot to take pictures and then fastly realized after I was done eating there was nothing to capture. O, well... I guess that it just shows how good it was.

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