Friday, April 29, 2011

Have a fairytale weekend...

Due to the Royal Wedding which I sadly could not attend because my invitation got lost somewhere in the mail (It's ok William and Kate, I forgive you). I still decided to attend on my couch.

I had said before that I do not follow the Royal couple, nor do I know anything about them but that changed over the last week when that became the only thing to watch on T.V. and like most of the 2 billion people that tuned in watching, I got anxious to see Kate and William tie the knot. Not to mention what the dress and the bride was going to look like... o, and the kiss!

And I must say I was pleased with all of it. The wedding, the hats (o, those hats), the dress, the uniforms (well, hello Prince Harry...j/k I already have my hero) and the bride herself who couldn't have seemed more fit for such an event. She was stunning and perfect and was made to be a Princess (like all girls). It was a moment I am glad I got to see in my life.

I actually became so overcome with all the Royal Wedding buzz of the day that afterwards when I went to the book store I found myself going thru the Kate and William book section and ended up picking up a few items. Which by the way the book on how to become a princess is the best book EVER!!!! You must check it out!!! And of course no Royal day is fit without a crown... luckily I always have one on hand... I'm a princess, after all.

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