Monday, November 2, 2009

When things were black and white

Halloween was huge success this year.
I loved playing Morticia
and Guitar Hero made such a great Gomez..
Don't you agree?
Although, I am very sad he had to shave his beard to pull off the look
I am just glad he is starting to grow it back already.
I love his beard so much that I almost cried when he was shaving it.

We also, had a good friend of ours Megan (check out her fabulous blog here)
come out with us as Wendy Addams.
She really tied our costume together!
Thanks for coming with us Megan!!!!
O, and if you didn't know Gomez is amazing guitar player!

a very good shoe taste!

By the way we already have next years costume picked out!
and it is going to be the best one ever!!!

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