Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16th will forever be an important date!

Guess what?...
My sister had the baby last night.
I am so thrilled.
I got a phone call around 6 o'clock' yesterday saying her water broke
and her contractions where 5 minutes apart.
They told me she kept wanting to call me but she was not allowed
and she needed to focus on breathing.
They also, said she took the contractions like a champ.
That she never screamed all she did was make a little grunting sounds.

Then, around 2:30 am I got another phone call
Saying that little baby Conner had arrived.
I seriously had tears coming down my face when I heard.
I am so excited about the new addition to the family.
I can't wait to get my hands on him and squeeze him.

...but you want to know the best part about all of this is?
We took bets on when he would arrive and my guess was the 16th!
That's right I am a winner and I owe it all to baby Conner!
He is going to be my lil rockstar and I can't wait to spoil him.

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