Saturday, May 9, 2009

175 pound blanket.

Yesterday, I left Nashville
to visit my family in GA
for my Great Uncle and Aunts 50Th Anniversary
and Mothers Day
which means..
sharing the bed with Ivy (aka the family dog)
She is a Great Dane
and weighs in at 175 pounds and is about 6'2 when standing on her back legs

She used to be my sleeping partner
when I lived with my parents.
Which is great during the winter months
because no matter how cold the night gets her body heat will keep you hot.
but then again in the summer her body heat is not such a plus
and then there is the fact that she is a bed hog
(as shown in the picture above.. I'm barely on the bed)
and she snores like an old man
VERY loud and VERY annoying!
but I love her and she is the sweetest most protective dog
in the world!

Guitar hero I know I have been asking for a puppy
but what I really want is a (2) Great Dane(s).
So he or she could keep me warm
and protect me when your gone!
Pretty, pretty, please :)

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