Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Before the picture gives you ideas... we are NOT engaged... yet!

I usually keep my post pretty simple
and not very personal
being that most of our life is not personal due to guitar hero's job
but being that we are all girls here (mostly)
I thought I would share this story.

So, over this past weekend while my family was in town,
we did a little shopping in downtown Franklin.

..and well lets just say us woman happen to make a stop into an antique jewelry store.
Which is must for any women right?
Now, if you you know me at all
you would know (at least guitar hero does) that my dream ring
would be an antique ring.
So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw this 1920's engagement ring.
Not to mention it was the first ring that caught me and my moms eye
(which NEVER happens... we do not have the same taste in anything)
The lady in the store had me try it on
and told me to send guitar hero a picture.
Which was not smart on my part
(not the sending the picture part.. we are open about this stuff)
but the fact that I did NOT want to take if off.
My fingers are like size 3 (very small)
and this ring was perfect for my size hand.. plus it was almost a perfect fit...
which never happens!

So, after drooling over it awhile
we asked the price... YIKES.. should have known it was pricey.
I have very expense taste.
(it's kind of a joke in our family.. I will always pick the most expense thing in the store without meaning to)
In the end the ring and it's price became a joke
between my family and guitar hero.
In fact my uncle and guitar hero probably talked for a good two hrs about this ring.
.. that can be a good sign right?!

Anyways, just wanted to share my exciting find.
I am sure the girl who ends up with it will love it as much as I did.. how could she not.
The important thing is that I have my guitar hero
and any ring he picks I would/and will love because he will pick it.

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