Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Nashville Playground. Things to see... Parthenon.

When your ever in Nashville
I recommend you seeing the Parthenon.
It's obvious me and Guitar Hero love this place... being that I mention it so often,
but I am pretty sure you will love it too.

I mean really, were else are you going to find Greece In america?
The parthenon is located at Centennial Park on the west end of Nashville.
It was built for a fair they had here back in the late 1800's
(do these people know how to do it big or what?)
It's a great to do for both winter and summer
They have a museum inside filled with lots of fun facts and an art gallery.
I prefer the summer months though.
You will likely catch me and Guitar hero there then...
either walking, taking pictures, or laid out on a blanket reading, listening to music, or picnicking.

... Like a said parthenon is a must in this city!

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