Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just another way to bring us closer..

Do you all remember this cute couple
or even more, the beautiful young lady in the picture?
If not look here and here.
She is also, the mother to this little baby boy here and here.

Some of you might know her as my sissy.
To be really honest with you though, she is a childhood friend
but I consider her my sister and most people just think we are.

But, this is all beside the point right now
right now, I am sharing with you her blog...
thats right, my sissy started a blog and I am so excited!
It's just another way I can keep up with her and the family
since she is so far away.

But I want you to know...
She is amazing writer, the most creative person you will ever know,
and will always make you laugh.
Trust me, you are going to want to keep up with her blog.

So, everyone please just go over and say hi to her
and make her feel welcomed to the "blog world".

Thanks, and I love you guys!!!
I don't think I say enough but I am going to start!

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