Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Peek-A-Boo and a little something else...

The other day while I was walking with my camera
I stopped to take a picture of this tree
and while I have photographing it I heard a knocking come from inside.
It frightened me at first
but then me and Guitar Hero thought it sounded like woodpecker
however, when I started to whistle...
it was squirrel that popped out.

Now, I see squirrels all the time
but this one was extra special for reasons I can't explain.
We stood there for awhile so that I could take about 100 of the same pictures
and she sat patiently while I did
never taking her eyes of us
Yes, I am assuming it was girl
I would like to picture her waiting at her house hole
for her hubby squirrel to come back
cracking shell nuts from inside for dinner
and telling him about
me and guitar hero who stopped by their house
for a bit.
Kinda, like I am telling you all about her now.
Sorry, sometimes I dream too much
about the silliest stuff.

... but in other news I had a reader asking if
I could do a questions and answers post
So, if you have anything you would like to ask
just do so below in this post.
I will be taking questions till this sunday
and come Monday I will post my answers.
The questions can be anything you want.

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