Thursday, June 11, 2009

we argue... but don't all couples?!

This is a very busy week for us. Family coming to town, friends coming to town, re-doing the house, and CMA week (guitar hero's busiest time of the year). So the past few days we both have been a little moody and the week hasn't even really started yet.

This is our first year together as a couple for CMA week and as much fun as it is for tourist and country music fans it's not all fun for musicians and their loved ones. There is a lot that goes into this one week of fun. A lot of preparing, practicing, and forgetting about all the other stuff around you. Being a guitar hero's girlfriend sometimes is glamorous but it comes with an ugly side too. Musicians are always having to be better at what they do, always having to network for other gigs, always having to practice, they have to live and breath music non-stop and so does the ones that love them.

As much as I look forward to seeing guitar hero play and watching all the other talent in this music city, I look forward to next week when things start to calm down and we can go back to our somewhat normal life. But for now I will try to stay strong for him because even though it's hard on me it's just as hard on him and when you love someone the way we love each other you have to support each other and work together no matter how hard it is sometimes because in the end all we really have is each others love.... and there is nothing more I could EVER want.

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