Wednesday, September 2, 2009

10 places.

Good morning friends,

How you all doing today? I was thinking we should take a trip to the 10 places I would love to visit. Yesterday, Ana over at a
coffee break asked me what would be the 10 places I would visit and if I would share it on my blog. So, I thought really hard... and let me tell you thinking of 10 places is hard. There is over hundreds of places I want to go. If I had to pick one place that would be easy. I want to go to sanatroni, Greece more than anything but picking only 10 places is like telling all those other amazing travel destinations they weren't good enough to be on my top 10... so, I am just picking 10 places I want to go to right now. Some I have already been to, some I want to go just because I am in the mood for outside fall weather, and some because they would really be in my top 10. So, here are my 10 places...

First off is route 66. I know I'm cheating right off the bat because that is more then one place... but hey it's my blog and I say I can pick it!
2. Santorini, Greece because like I said it's my number one place to go.

3. Swiss Alps. I mean just look at that view. Me and Guitar hero actually joke about running away here when it's all said and done.

4. Tuscany! I would go to all parts of Italy because I just love Italian food... it is by far my favorite type of food but Tuscany is speaking to me today. That might be because I just watched under the Tuscan sun also.

5. aww, my favorite city (other then Nashville of course) London. I love, love, love London. This city is stunning!

6. Canada... Only because I am ready for fall. I know you probably thinking why didn't I pick New England then but the truth is I have been on a road trip there and to be honest the people there were not very friendly. Someday will give it another try but as of right now I have been ruined.
7. Africa! If you know me you will know I love animals! All types of animals so it's only fitting to want to go on an African safari to see all these amazing creatures up close.

8. (Swooning) Disney World! Ok, you all knew this had to be on the list... after all I did audition to become a Disney princess once and I use to live in Orlando when I was younger. So, Disney World is like a 2nd home plus it's where Princesses and their Hero's live (wink, wink)

9. Hawaii. Do I really need a reason to want to go there. I mean come on it's like the number 1 place in the world really. Everyone wants to go there, and everyone never wants to leave once they are there.

10. Australia. Once again it has to do with the animal thing. I hear yo can hold koala's and get up close to kangaroo's so of course I want to go.

Now, what would be your 10 places?

Note: these were not in any type of order

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