Monday, July 13, 2009

10 facts about guitar hero and me.

  1. We met in a music video
  2. He is a night owl and I am an early bird
  3. He is a Beatles fan I am an Elvis fan but we both just love oldies
  4. He eats just about anything and I am the pickiest eater alive
  5. He wrote a hit song and it's the only song I will listen to now when I miss him
  6. We rode a machine bull together before we even switched phone numbers
  7. We argue less when he is home and more when he is on the road ( It's only because we miss each other so much)
  8. The first time I ever cried in front of him was on the ferris wheel and that was the first time he ever sang to anyone (he calmed me down)
  9. We both have never stepped foot in front of the Grand Ole Opry but we have been backstage many times.
  10. We both said I love you before we even started dating.

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