Monday, July 6, 2009


Yes, I have eaten 6 donuts in the past 42 hours, but sometimes a girl needs some sugar.

Yes, I secretly wish it was Christmas already (OK, maybe not secretly)

Yes, I drink coke a cola as if it is was going out of style

Yes, I am kinda thrilled at the idea of having to get glasses. Hey, nerdy glasses are cute!

Yes, I still get scared when there is a storm and I'm home alone

Yes, I cry too much, talk to much, and get road rage too much, but we all have our faults

Yes, I sometimes stay awake all night thinking of what I can do to make millions so guitar hero would not have to go on the road anymore.

Yes, I let guitar hero drive everywhere we go and then continue to yell at him for his bad driving... but hey he should know precious cargo!!!

Yes, I hate the sound of a vacuum, people chewing on ice, and the sound of silence when I'm alone.

Yes, I can become moody for no good reason other then I just want to be moody... so, just give me my space and I will get over it.

Yes, I laugh at really awkward moments but I can't help it... it's like a disease

Yes, I love guitar hero with all my heart and plan on spending the rest of my life with him!

so, just in case you were wondering the answer is... yes!

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