Friday, July 17, 2009

The little things...

While me and guitar hero were at dinner last night we got to talking about the little things that reminds us of each other and makes us unique. It was really fun figuring out what we both do that makes the other smile.

I love that guitar hero's plays drums on the steering wheel while driving, and the fact that his breath always smells of coffee, how he always comes to bed with his socks on, and his need to keep everything in perfect order.

He loves the fact that I always take my shoes off at dinner and fold my legs in Indian style, how I throw my shoulder up to my chin when I get shy, or when he comes to bed and I'm always curled up in a little ball, and how I light up like a little kid when I talk about holidays.

It's funny how the little things we do in everyday life start to stand out to the ones we love. There were so many that we named off but those were just a few and I can't wait to learn more about his little unique habits over our years together.

So, tell me what does your loved one do that makes them unique or makes you love them more and while your at ask your loved one what they love about you.

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