Thursday, July 30, 2009

In honor of all our Christmas nerdiness!

I have to admit I am shocked to find all of you are Christmas nerds just like me
... and I mean that in the BEST way!

So, in honor of my Christmas nerdiness and Christmas in July of course
I am going to enjoy my weekend with more Christmas movies,
maybe bake some cookies (which makes me think of Christmas), drink some hot chocolate, and listen to some Christmas music!

Who is with me?
let's all have a Christmas weekend so come Monday we will still be cheery
from all the fun weekend activities.

P.S. I am watching home improvement right now and it is a Christmas episode
I am feeling so excited.. I need to calm down! I still got 6 more months to go
but at least My Birthday, Halloween, and Thanksgiving will keep me busy before then.

P.P.S. Doesn't the picture above make you wish for colder weather? Maybe not snow but I am in the mood for fall so I can bring out the the cute jackets, and boots.
(Image found here)

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