Tuesday, July 28, 2009

If me and Guitar hero had our own reality show...

I had a friend the other day who thought his life should be a reality show.
and sometimes I couldn't agree more.

With all the reality shows in the world
who wouldn't want to watch a show about music and love
It would be like combining American idol and the bachelor all in one.

My show would be about guitar hero and me and his life on the road
and how we make our love work with being miles apart for most of the year.
While millions of girls scream for him every night and
I am left here in music city
with all my other musician friends. Who by the way are very attractive and mostly single
(they would make great supporting actors)
and trust me there is nothing more entertaining then attractive, single, musicians!

Would you do a reality t.v. show?
What would your show be about?
What would you name your show?

Don't forget tomorrow is the day we go over
my sister's keeper for the book club.
If you have any topics you want me to post in the blog
be sure to e-mail me at wmadlom@yahoo.com

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