Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a love letter to you from my heart.

My dearest Guitar hero,

I may not have a exciting job, people may not remember my name once I am gone, I may not have a song that lives on forever, I might not even have a story worth telling but none of that matters...

At first my life was all about being somebody, being noticed, being liked and loved by all, having a million stories of me living on long after I am gone but now after meeting you my life has changed. It doesn't matter if any of those others things ever happened that I wish for because now I see that I didn't want to be somebody to just anybody I wanted/want to be somebody to you. I could care less if anyone ever knows who I am as long as you never go a day forgetting me. I don't care if the only love I ever receive is from you because your the only love I live for. I don't even care if any of my stories live on as long as I have a story of us.

You, have become my meaning of life. I used to be scared of thinking that life could be only about love but now after truly feeling what love is like I am scared for all those who will never have a life with love. You, bring me joy when I am sad. You, give me hope when I have none left. You, give me your trust when I need it most... Thank you.

I am so grateful for the time we have together. I cherish every night I get to go to bed with you and every morning I get to wake up next to you. I no longer pray for myself and my life I pray for yours as well because you have become more important to me then I am to myself. I would put you before me if that means giving up my life and not because you would ask me to or because I feel like I have to but because I want to it would give me happiness knowing I could give you everything.... even if I sometimes have a hard time showing my happiness (I promise to get better about this).

I have never been the type to want to put someone before me... yes, you could have called me selfish before but their was no one worth giving my life up to until I met you. I enjoy learning new recipes so, that I can cook for you. I love being able to have the laundry done when you get home. I even like having the house clean so you can feel relaxed. I want to show you that you mean the world to me even if it is cleaning up your shaven beard in the sink or putting away your dirty dishes so that when you get home you can spend it with me and not with other nonsense things.

I like our time together and even though it is never long being that there is always a bus call not far away it is still our time. I like falling asleep in your arms. I like watching you strut your stuff before you get in the shower. I like knowing after lunch you want to lay down for a bit next to me and come dinner time you always make sure I'm happily feed. I like that you listen to oldies in the car with me and never feel to manly to want to grab my hand while we are walking in public. I like that when you hug me you take me in your arms with such passion. I like your obsession with bikes. I like that you let me pick our dates and no matter what I pick (even if its a antique market) you always seem happy to take me. I like that you let me watch my silly reality shows and don't make too much fun of me. I like that you try to dance with me in our living room when no one is around. I like that you always let me sit on your lap when your doing work at your computer. I like that we have inside jokes (like my whitneyizms.. which actually arnt inside jokes anymore) I like that you would sing to me before you sang to anyone else. I like that within in the first few months of knowing me that you knew my maybes meant no ( it shows you pay attention). I like our prayers together before every meal. I like your silly habit's when it comes to packing (like making sure all your necklaces are fastened before you put them away in the bag). I like curling up to you knowing I'm about to put my cold feet next your socks. I love your craving for cheese and how you always grab a stick of it before we head out the door. I like looking over at you in the morning when you are sleeping and knowing that this is where I belong... I belong next to you. I love that you come in a check on me thru out the night when your working and give me kisses even when you think I am asleep (yes, I feel your kisses and they mean the world to me) I like knowing I have your love, trust, and faith in me. You are amazing in every way and nobody could be more perfect.

Even if I spent everyday telling you how amazing you are and how much I love you it would never be enough. My life with you is the greatest and it may just seem average and ordinary to everybody looking in from the outside but I know that our love is special... because we are not just lovers we are special Friends and that will never change. We were truly meant for each other.

Love always
your princess

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