Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear {Very Future} Baby,

Do any of you talk about your future babies?
If you are like most females I know... I am sure you do or did at one time if you already have kids.

Well, me and guitar hero talk about it from time to time
but more often now that my sister is pregnant.

We are no where near ready to have children
(so, please don't think I am dropping hints)
but after watching waitress (which I highly recommend)
I have decided to write to my future baby
every once in awhile
so, I can look back from when me and guitar hero use to talk about the idea.

Dear Future Baby,

It's lonely without your dad here. I look forward to the day you arrive so I wont be alone when he is gone. I also, like the fact that as you get older you will have summers off from school when his tours really pick up. I promise to do lots of fun things with you while he is away if you promise to keep me company. And just so you know, I have been buying all the Disney DVDs as they arrive in stores so that you can grow up watching the classics. I have a feeling Pinocchio will be your favorite since it reminds me so much of your dad (by the way he dislikes when I say that... so shh it's between us). Until next time... I love you more then I will know.

your future mom.

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