Friday, July 24, 2009

When all else fails... just buy cat food.

Some of you might already know that guitar hero has promised me not 1 but 2 kittens
but lately we have been so busy and dealing with other stuff
he thinks we should hold off...
I on the other hand did not take this news very well.

my whole life I have grown up with animals
and not having one makes me sad
plus the fact that he is gone all the time and I am alone doesn't help.

So, everyday I look on craigslist and send him links
of kittens that need homes or they will be sent to the pound
he feels bad but it still has not changed his mind.

Like I have said before we are both very stubborn.

but now I have come up with another idea.
after reading craigslist for months on kittens
I am noticing that most of these people who are giving them away
have found kittens in their backyard, garages, and sometimes front doors
I kept thinking to myself how come this wont happen to me?
I know once guitar hero sees the kittens
he wouldn't be able to give them up
but if I i just went out in got them he might be upset with me.

so, that being said if I buy cat food and lay it around the house
maybe I will get lucky and a few kittens will show up at our house
then he would have to let me keep them. right?

Wish me luck everyone!

(and just so you all know
I would never take someones outside cat
I am just looking for a stray
and believe me we have a lot around here)

(Image found here)

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