Thursday, July 23, 2009

The pro's and con's to dating a REAL life guitar hero... Part 2.

Some of you might have already seen some
of the pros and con's
to dating a REAL life guitar hero from this previous post
but here are some more for my new readers...
Once again we will start with the pros... part 2

  • Having him gone means more time to get things done... like cleaning the house, time for reading (like for my book club), and so on.
  • I have time to be creative like making jewelry
  • The band members are like a 2ND family the guys on the road help and watch out for each other, just as the wife's/and girlfriends at home help each other.
  • When he is home it's always special and we always want to be near each other.
  • It's always great getting to hear new songs before they are released.
  • Never have to wait in lines for tickets or to get in shows.
  • When you go to shows there is always free food and free drinks
  • We had to learn to trust each other really fast which is the best thing a relationship can have.
  • We talk all day when he is gone. If he was home all the time we might take that time for granted but when he is gone we never go an hour without talking.

So, there are just some of the pros on to the con's... part 2

  • Having to cook dinner for one is never fun
  • when they don't get phone service where they are at (which happened yesterday)
  • being home alone during thunderstorms are not quite the same (they are scary, instead of romantic)
  • when he does arrive home he is usually busy with having to take care of other things like getting cars worked on, mowing grass, and taking care of bills.
  • when we are having bad days and we can't comfort one another.
  • Not having him here to join me for parties, or dinners.
  • him spending more time in his 2ND home (the bus) then his own home.
  • having to share exciting news over the phone (like my sister having a baby)
  • Blowing kisses thru the phone are never the same as his real kisses before bed.

and that my friends is what it's like to date a REAL life guitar hero.

Top picture came from the very talented photographer Misty Sims be sure to check out her blog here to see more wonderful photos from this show and other events.

2ND image was taken by a fan.

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